woensdag, juni 08, 2011

I Ching readings

Since about 30 years ago I discovered at first the Tarot Cards which opened my eyes. Without having the knowledge that I have these days I could feel / sense the power that was in these cards. It can't be described in words in fact, but since then my life changed rapidly and my search for True Knowledge began.
We are all indoctrinated by thousands of years Holy Church. Receiving wrong info over what life really is. The Holy church did an upmost attempt to kill all Gnostic Knowledge and all info that was not useful for them to get a grip on the masses. Because this was one of the most important reasons of the Holy Church: Power.
Give the masses bread and plays and make them scared with the thoughts of Hell.
More important thing was to keep them away from the possibility to develop them Self to the Human Beings that they really can be!
The Tarot opened these resources in me and a long struggle started. Pretty soon after this I also discovered the I Ching. An amazing book. As it seems more then 5000 years old. First in oral ways and later on It was put into a book. There is a lot of data/info over this on the internet so I will not go into this right here.
For me the I Ching developed as the Never-ending Mirror which every person needs in his or her life. It reflects who we are and what we do. It reflect our world of thoughts and feelings and keeps surprising endlessly. The book is for people who want to grow as humans. It does not guide your pure selfish and egocentric wishes. It does not lead you to the bowl of gold waiting there just for you. It shall however reflect your selfish and egomaniac wishes and and inspire you to start do things in a different ways. This is not a path for everybody, but for those who truly wants to learn to understand why things go bad in their life, why things happen over and over again in a bad way then the book is the Guide you may look for.

Insight in ourselves is probably our biggest treasure. For the real searcher to this Insight can the I Ching be like the hand of God reaching out for you.
I have decided to do I Ching readings for people who search to some Insight in their present situation.
Of course one session does not solve all your answers. With my readings I just like to inspire people to start thinking about it and to make a start in the Self Reflecting ways of life.
It's about our attitude, our way of thinking and the acting that comes from that, what needs adjustments. It all can be done in a little room. It can happen in a split second and a new person has been born.
Right now I live in the Dominican Republic, on the North Coast in the Puerto Plata region. People living here can visit me and that's having my preference of course. But it's also possible to work over Skype.
I'm born & raised in the Netherlands. So Dutch is my native language. Of course sessions in English are possible.

I like to work with people who have the I Ching book themself. Preference of author: Richard Wilhelm.
For Dutch people my preference is: Han Boerings book 'De I Tjing, voor de 21 ste Eeuw'. I truly wish that someone translate this version into English!
A proper introduction of myself will follow after contacting me. Email: dutchexplorer@live.nl
Your gifts can be done through PayPal.

I don't seek the many, but the few who are worth to spend time with.

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